Q & A or FAQs

What Makes The Velvet Hour Events a Success??

We focus on the event. We have worked extensively to perfect the sound of The Velvet Hour, yet the complete vibe and flow of any event cannot be overlooked. How transitions roll from A to B to C are important so we focus on the whole event, from guest arrival to The Velvet Hour performance. We also offer suggestions for venue layout and guest traffic flow. Our extensive planning experience allows us to work with your team to make sure all of your guests get The Velvet Touch. Who doesn't like Velvet?

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes, and we do not cherry pick the best ones. We will connect you with the last 5 corporate or wedding events we booked. Just ask!

Does The Velvet Hour only offer a "live"band?

Not at all! Our events typically come with MP3 music forĀ  the entire event and closed out with a 2 to 3 hour Velvet performance. We do offer detailed emcee, DJ, & event planning services if desired. Just ask us!