Big Wow Band



The Big Wow Band has been providing great music for Weddings, Corporate Events, and Private Parties for over 11 years. And, Big Wow is still available by special request. The core member & artists have transformed into The Velvet Hour with the same great party music so you can Dance, Sing, and Feed Your Soul.

The Velvet Hour will amaze the most discriminating and valued fans with our much improved lead vocals and harmonies. We promise and commit that our singers will perform on every song with the parts you expect to hear. Faux vocals and instruments have been eliminated, though still can be found in other fun bands in the area.

Versions over The Years

  • ver 1.0 CB, CM, TS, MD, GB, SC
  • ver 1.1 CB, MH, MD, TS, GB, SC
  • ver 2.0 CB, MH, LW, AJ, TS, SC
  • ver 2.5 CB. MH, JB, AJ, TS, SC
  • ver 3.0 CB, MH, JB, GS, TS, SC
  • ver 3.7 CB, MH, JB, GS, NT, SC
  • ver 4.0 CB, MH, JB, NT, SJ, SC
  • ver 4.3 CB, MH,  JB, RR, SJ, SC
  • ver 5.0 CB, MH, JB, RR, CC, SC
  • ver 5.8 CB, MH, JB, TB, CC, SC
  • ver 6.0 CB, MH, BR, TB, CC, SC
  • ver 7.0 JB, JS, SC, MS, RR

Sub Artist Appearances:

  • DG vocals
  • LW vocals
  • CB vocals
  • GS drums
  • NT bass
  • GL guitar