Meet The Band


JODY BARANCO - Vocals, Percussion, & The Velvet Voice

Growing up in the Treasure Valley and sitting at the piano with her mother, has exposed Jody to great music from traditional gospel to soul & Motown. Her full old-school tone has developed through natural channels with no formal musical training. Jody learned to play piano by ear which helped establish her natural ability to hear & sing harmonies on the fly. Hear Jody sing once and you will be a fan.

• Shure SM58 Wireless Mic
• Shure in-ear wireless monitor
• Outfits for any occasion
• 3 pairs of chucks, just in case!

• Any Motown or Soul music
• Dirty Revival
Grace Potter
Aretha Franklin


JASON SCHAUER - Vocals & Guitars

Jason is the vocal director for The Velvet Hour. Even with law as his first profession, this guy can sing! He studied voice from the age of 10 and developed a range that covers 3+ octaves. During any performance, expect to get the occasional story for the audience. 


• D’angelico Premier SS Semi-Hollow Body
• Sennheiser EW 835 mic
Shure In-ear wireless monitor
Sadly, only one pair of Chucks...


• The Temptations
• The Detroit Spinners
• Frankie Valley
• Robert Palmer


 SAL CIRRITO - Keyboards, Vocals, & Management

Sal's main job in The Velvet Hour is to herd cats. Absolutely mediocre with everything he touches, including the faders. His first instrument was the accordion, where he studied for 3 years at the age of 10 under Benito LaPasta at the Musical Center for Less Desirable Instruments. In his teens years, he studied many genres of music, and became an expert at altered chords and primarily the B7(-5)  with its proper use in pop music.

If you have any questions regarding the The Velvet Hour and having them for your event, talk with Sal. or click here


• Nord Electro 5D
Korg Kross 2
Shure sm58 Beta mic
Shure in-ear wireless monitors
Suits for any occasion
5 pairs of Chucks


• Donald Fagen
• Steely Dan
• Billy Joel
• Elton John
• and any Hit from Hitsville U.S.A.


RICH RAD- Bass Guitar

Rich has been playing bass for a few weeks and really likes it. His passion is hard core punk but seems to know the right grooves for Motown and Soul. I think we will keep him...besides, he is a good guy 😉

I'm sure once he sees his bio, it will be updated. Today is 03.06.20...stand by.


• '67 Fender 5-string Reissue
• Eden WT800U Bass Head
• Eden D210 XLT bass cabinet
• many pairs of Chucks


• John Entwistle
James Jamerson
College Frat Punk


DALE SCHIRO - Drums, Percussion

Dale Schiro, an American of Sicilian descent is a well known sessions and studio drummer. He was first inspired to play drums by the legendary Gene Krupa at age 6, has worked with countless musical artists, and is one of the most sought after drummers in the industry. Laying down the heartbeat of the band, Dale has a passion for music that is heard in his solid groove and pocket that keeps you jammin' on the dance floor. He'll keep you coming back for more!


• Roland TD-11 Electronic Kit
• Behringer Eurolive B115D 1000W Amplified
• some Chucks


Gene Krupa
Steve Gadd
Dan Brubeck
Stanton Moore
Dave Weckl